I believe a photo can speak more to the heart than mere words. My works are snapshots of life, capturing the essence of the moment, and making them last a lifetime.

I take different approaches on my assignments:

Portraits/ Corporate Photography
I tend to give less direction but to engage my subjects. Normally, I set the stage, help the subject to feel comfortable and wait for ‘the perfect moment’ to happen while interacting with my subjects. I strive to make portraits that feel authentic to the subject, whether they represent the subject accurately or reflect the mood on set that day.

Fashion Photography/ Model Portfolio
Compared to Portraits photography, I believe a magazine cover needs to grab the attention of the reader at a glance. So, the facial expression, body language, angle, lights and background need to dovetail perfectly to create a strong ad/ editorial/ commercial image. This is the approach I take on fashion photography – whatever it takes to get the best photo by directing the model, playing with the lights or even require me to get down dirty in the mud.

Street Photography
It’s important for my photos be more than simple, flat, two-dimensional documentary. It needs to convey the gravity of the situation and tell the stories.

Travel Photography
I love travelling and always aim my photos can help me relive where I was that day. So, I not only like to take the photos of the landscapes, architecture, but also the people and events happen that day. I also love to do some street photography to document the everyday life of the people arounds me.

In short, I tackle every assignment by understanding the brief/ objective to convey the ultimate message.

Thanks for dropping by Cedography – photography by Cedric.